The simple compliance & control solution for your tank batteries

Keep your tanks up to date with the latest air permit regulations while extending hatch life, eliminating oxygen mitigation, and optimizing your site's production and profits.

What is TankEye?

The TankEye Control Panel is the newest way to easily and accurately track the emissions most important to you and your air permit, while also helping maintain your tanks' existing hatches and seals for an easy, turnkey solution to old and new environmental regulations. Our easy to use control panel is seamlessly installed into your current system to record, maintain, and control your atmospheric storage tanks while tracking key metrics for optimizing your plant production and revenues, with minimal maintenance required!

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    OOOOa Compliance Tracking

    Meet air permit regulations and avoid compliance headaches with the straightforward
    measurement and control method in the TankEye Control Panel

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    Tank Pressure Monitoring

    Monitor and maintain tank pressures,  prolong hatch elastomer life, and
    detect leaks easily and effectively

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    Hatch Leak Detection

    Easily detect open and leaky thief hatches and prevent oxygen migration
    while keeping
    gas contamination free

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    Reduce LOE

    Verify 95% vapor capture and control to optimize your plant production and
    revenue with minimal maintenance and spare parts

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    Cost Effective

    Save thousands of dollars compared to other approved control and monitoring methods!

Key Benefits of the TankEye Control System


 For sites with atmospheric storage tanks that must comply with 40CFR60 OOOOa, the TankEye system is an ideal cost effective solution for capturing and controlling tank vapors, measuring tank pressures and flare times, with easy integration into your current system for reporting to the EPA.


Need to get your site back in compliance and minimize fines? TankEye can be utilized at sites that have been found non compliant as part of remediation efforts with the potential to offset fines by showing verified compliance efforts.


By capturing more gases and staying under your air permit with TankEye's verified measurement and control method, production can be increased for optimal yields and record revenues with minimal oxygen contamination, all while staying within your air permit requirements.

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How TankEye compares to Common Methods

FLIR Thermal Cameras Detects methane and other VOC's using thermal imaging cameras, providing accurate measurements of escaping gas and its location

Gas Detectors Samples gas within its immediate area and uses catalytic beads or IR technology to alarm when methane is above approved levels, requiring manual calibrations

Thief Hatch Sensors Detects when a hatch isn't sealed using a simple switch, with no moving parts and less maintenance than other methods

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Detects methane loss through measuring tank pressures and flare times for use in calculations for accurate measurements.

Maintains tank pressures and alarms when values are above or below approved levels, without the need for calibrations or in person maintenance

Detects when hatches are open using pressure transmitters, with minimal parts and maintenance.

Contact Us to learn more about the Tankeye Control Panel and how it can be integrated into your current system to meet your specific design requirements.


  • Designed for 24 VDC Input
  • PLCnext Controller with Axioline I/O PLC Modules
  • GW Interface Converter & Data Cable
  • 10" HMI Touch Panel
  • DC/DC Converter
  • Signal Conditioner
  • Type 3 Surge Protection
  • NEMA 4 Rated enclosure with UL508A Panel
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What is 40CFR60 OOOOa?

40CFR60 OOOOa is the recent addition to the EPA's current environmental standard for emissions monitoring of sites where oil or gas create emissions that are vented into the atmosphere. These regulations further limit the amount of harmful vapors vented into the atmosphere, but require new tools and methods for accurate measurement, control, and reporting to meet the EPA's new more structured guidelines.

How 40CFR60 OOOOa affects your site:

These new guidelines provide important structure for our stewardship of the environment, but they require meeting stricter compliance requirements and potential fines for not meeting this new standard. Old equipment needs to be retrofitted to easily accommodate these changes in addition to providing the most accurate measurement and control the industry can provide. The TankEye system is built to meet these new requirements with an innovative pressure on demand system for preventing leaks and optimizing vapor capture while providing all the necessary measurements to your site's existing network for reporting to the EPA.

40CFR60 OOOOa Requirements

TankEye Compliance Method

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    Non-venting gas storage system with excess gases being routed to a flare or other controlled process

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    Guaranteed 95% capture or flare of all gases for facility storage tanks

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    Alarms must activate when diverting gas and all alarms must be maintained in records

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    Pair with the SmartPurge Skid on your current non-venting system for maintaining gas pressure, providing pressure on demand and routing excess gas pressure to approved control processes.

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    Tankeye measures pressures to validate tanks are properly sealed and time to flare in over pressure situations to verify 95% gas capture and compliance

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    TankEye monitors and records hatch and leak alarms, with easy integration into your current EPA record keeping software.

Not in Compliance? Have these new environmental laws taken your tanks out of compliance? Invest in the TankEye System as part of your mitigation costs to offset fines and get back in compliance fast!