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Automation, Engineering, Measurement and Industrial Networking

Convergence Controls & Engineering specializes in integrating all of your facilities automation and control packages so you operate at maximum efficiency. Our team averages over 20 years of industry experience per person across brands, disciplines and industries to ensure we have the in-house expertise to expertly and efficiently execute your projects and provide lifecycle service.

From Allen-Bradley to Zedi, IO to SCADA, Power and Control, we design, fabricate, commission, support and manage all of your electrons within your facility.

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December 28, 2021
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Convergence Cycle

Industrial and Commercial Automation Experts

Our experience with troubleshooting system shortcomings and design errors for end-users gives us a unique insight into designing and deploying effective systems for your project. We understand the frustrations of inheriting a facility with disparate control systems and processes - and the finger-pointing that comes at the end of these projects. Convergence can help you maximize the ROI of your investments now and for years to come.

Design Better, Commission Faster, Operate Optimally

Solutions At All Stages

We offer a wide range of technical and engineered solutions and services across all major industries.


Scope and Feasibility

FEL, FEED, Scoping, Feasibility

Plan with long-term daily operations in mind with our teamed Engineering and Technician approach.

CCE Engineering and Design


Drawings and Equipment Specification

Engineer with the end in mind. Design processes and facilities that are easy to startup and operate efficiently for years to come.

Convergence Controls

Procurement and Fabrication

Equipment Packages, Skids, Panels

From design review to full engineering, drafting, manufacturing, and integrated FAT. We'll help simplify your purchasing and fabrication needs.


Construction Support

Project Management and Execution

Keep your project on schedule and on budget. We'll plan and coordinate to make sure all the pieces come together. 

Convergence Controls

Startup and Commissioning

Field Services to Simplify your Startup.

Our technicians and engineers are experts at troubleshooting under a timeline and collaborating across disciplines to ensure a smooth project hand-off. 


On-Going Support

Maintenance, Upgrades and Expansions

On-call, scheduled, or fractional support services to keep your system optimized. Troubleshooting, tuning, patches, cybersecurity, and system reviews.

Industries Served

Our expertise in Automation and Control to work on all major systems, platforms, networks, and devices allows us to use the best practices in automation across all major industries.


Conveyance, Robotics, Power

Life Sciences and Technology

Metals and Minerals

Mining, Crushers, Conveyors

Food and Beverage

Brewing, Baking, and Packaging

Building Automation

Boilers, Chillers, Power Management


Recycling, Wind, Biofuels

Our Partners

We strive to build lasting partnerships and relationships that are Win - Win for everybody included on your next project. Our flexible execution allows us to work as prime, sub, or as a partner to OEMs and others to ensure the best solution without finger pointing.

End-Users and Owners

Rehabilitate your inefficient facilities and processes while optimizing your operations.

Engineering Firms

Design and implement fully integrated systems faster and lower project risk.

General and Trade Contractors

Seamlessly integrate your scope into the Building Automation System (BAS) or Distributed Control System (DCS)

Fabricators and OEMs

Electrical design support, control package development and programming - complete with control narratives and documentation.

How does your Control Strategy stack up?

Ask us to review your existing control system or narrative. We'll provide a complimentary audit to see where your system excels, and where it could use more attention.

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