The Best Employees Deserve

The Best Benefits

Medical, Dental and Vision

Awesome whole health care insurance options. With up to 100% Employee Benefit Covered.

401k - No Match Necessary!

We support our employees today, and for the future. Receive 3% 401k contribution - no match necessary.

Pick your Profit Sharing

We succeed as a team - and share 25% of net profits with our employees. Better yet, choose how to apply your bonus - donate to charity, convert to Vacation Time, 401k, or straight payout.

Life Insurance

No cost life insurance benefit that also provides coverage on your dependents and legal signficant other.

Paid Time Off

You work hard - make sure to take time to play hard. Accrue your time off as part of your based compensation and Bank additional time for overtime projects worked.


When you go above and beyond - we notice. From spot bonuses to a night out with the family on us. Get the credit you deserve!

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We will always do what is best by our employees.

- Sandy Crow, Principal