Tank Eye System

Simple Compliance & Control solution for your Tank Batteries

Keep your tanks up to date with the latest air permit regulations while extending hatch life, eliminating oxygen mitigation, and optimizing your site's production and profits.

  • OOOOa Regulation - Tanks with thief hatches were designed to protect against overpressure events, but not for emission compliance. Tank Eye monitors and helps regulate the pressure using your existing VRU and Flare systems.
  • Tank Pressure Control - Keep your tanks optimally pressured with blanket gas to prevent oxygen egress and product degradation
  • Leak Detection - Realtime monitoring of thief hatch leaks and detection of piping leaks for low production systems.
  • Reduce LOE - Lease Operating Expenses can eat into margin. Active monitoring reduces call outs, maintenance, and increases your tank capacity reducing trucking fees
  • Cost Effective - Less costly than FLIR or site wide gas detection programs. Simple installation and user friendly. Ties into your existing control system, or low cost monthly managed service.

We have you covered!

Tank Eye meets APMPLS guidelines.

In December 2022, Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE) Air Pollution Division published guidlines for Automic Pressure Management and Pilot Light System (APMPLS) which created an optional program for owners and operators of well production facilities to potentially require less-frequent LDAR inspections. To meet these guidelines, facilities must use an approved instrument monitoring method as specified in Regulation No. 7, Part D, Section II.E.4.F.

You can learn more at Automatic Pressure Management and Pilot Light System (APMPLS) | Department of Public Health & Environment (colorado.gov)

Tank Eye vs Other Methods

Tank Eye

  • Time Based Pressure, Hatch and Pilot Monitoring
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install
  • Cost effective
  • Integrates to existing equipment and control systems (all platforms)
  • Alarming for leaks
  • Validate leak start and stop
  • Extends Theif Hatch Elastomer lifetime

Gas Detectors

  • Location critical to detect lighter than air VOCs
  • Must be calibrated regularily
  • Does not quantify leaks
  • Does not locate leaks
  • Passive monitoring technique

Thief Hatch Sensor

  • Determines if hatch is open or closed
  • Ineffective for leaking thief hatches
  • Does not monitor flare pilot status
  • Passive monitoring technique

FLIR Camera

  • Potentially high cost specialized equipment
  • Can be fixed, drone mounted or handheld
  • Training required for proper use
  • Often requires third party contractor or scheduled routes
  • Does not detect flare pilot
  • Does not integrate to VRU
  • Does not actively manage tank pressure

What is OOOOa

40CFR60 OOOOa is a subsection of the EPA's current environmental standard for emissions monitoring of sites where oil or gas create emissions that are vented into the atmosphere. These regulations further limit the amount of harmful vapors vented into the atmosphere, but require new tools and methods for accurate measurement, control, and reporting to meet the EPA's structured guidelines.

Learn more at eCFR :: 40 CFR Part 60 Subpart OOOOa -- Standards of Performance for Crude Oil and Natural Gas Facilities for which Construction, Modification or Reconstruction Commenced After September 18, 2015

How Tank Eye Improves Operations

These new guidelines provide important structure for our stewardship of the environment, but they require meeting stricter compliance requirements and potential fines for not meeting this new standard. Old equipment needs to be retrofitted to easily accommodate these changes in addition to providing the most accurate measurement and control the industry can provide.

The Tank Eye System is built to meet these new requirements with an innovative pressure on demand system for preventing leaks and optimizing vapor capture while providing all the necessary measurements to your site's existing network for reporting to the EPA.

Pair with the SmartPurge Skid on your current non-venting system for maintaining gas pressure, providing pressure on demand and routing excess gas pressure to approved control processes.

Tank Eye measures pressures to validate tanks are properly sealed and time to flare in over pressure situations to verify 95% gas capture and compliance. Further, by pairing the Tank Eye Control Panel with our managed SCADA service, you can easily monitor your system and historize hatch and leak alarms and provide exact time stamped audit history to simplify your compliance reporting and address issues faster.

How does your Control Strategy stack up?

Ask us to review your existing control system or narrative. We'll provide a complimentary audit to see where your system excels, and where it could use more attention.

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