About Convergence

Our Mission

Convergence Controls, A Tetra Tech Company, delivers solutions that are innovative and cost-effective for our clients. Leveraging cutting-edge tools and methodologies we combine lifecycle service with holistic and forward-thinking strategies to ensure high-quality deliverables that increase our client's profitability and ensure maximum up-time of their systems.  Convergence succeeds through empowering our people to build lasting relationships, and to always do what is right for the client.

Our Differentiators

We live by central tenants that set us apart from others in our space to establish and build long-lasting partnerships with our customers, partners, and people.

Use Us Less - Well designed, documented and implemented control system means easier to use, easier to troubleshoot, and faster to production. We encourage end-user training, configurable programming and repeatable engineering designs.

No Laptop Policy - Troubleshooting a control system should not require digging into back end code and ladder logic. Put all necessary information on the HMI, and make it configurable for easy adjustment

Open Programming, Off the Shelf Products - When you're tired of using proprietary control systems that don't allow you to make programming changes, or that lock you in with long leadtimes and support contracts - call us. We provide well documented programming, training, and use control products that can be obtained quickly and cost effectively.

OpEx Focused, CapEx Conscious - We bridge the Operation and Capital budget arguments by delivering cost effective solutions with low cost maintenance and that is easy to scale in the future. In the end, your project is about profitability now, and in the future. We'll get you there. 

Our Core Values


Our team is the best at what they do today while constantly evolving to be better tomorrow


Our team has the confidence, strength, and freedom to discover and provide the best solutions for our clients and to constantly improve our company.


Our team proactively conveys information clearly and simply, in a caring way that helps promote understanding and action.


Our team is passionate about what they do, how they do it, who they do it with and who they do it for.

Health and Safety

Our team is encouraged and supported to tend to both their physical and mental health, safety and well-being. 

Convergence Controls is proud to be recognized by ISNetworld (ISN) as a RAVS Plus Participant. Convergence is now one of only 10% of ISN participants worldwide to be recognized for outstanding commitment to safety. Learn more about this honor here.

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Our People

Some people just make things happen. They inspire, they go the extra mile and they evolve; continually striving to be the best. Our employees are the lifeblood of our business - we exist because of their daily contributions to our customers and our company. They make us who we are and each of them plays a massive role in making our company stand out from the crowd.

Convergence is a Proud Supporter of the Dumb Friends League with regular contributions
Convergence is a Proud Supporter of the Dumb Friends League with regular contributions
Convergence Mascot Cali
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