Measurement Solutions

Delivering Accurate, Repeatable Measurement Solutions is our Standard

Dedicated to delivering flow measurement solutions to the global energy industry. Our team understands the importance of measurement and develops systems that provide accurate, reaptable, auditable, and traceable data ensuring every BBL, MSCF, and MMBTU is accounted for.

Whether developing a new Measurement Program or evaluating your existing program, our team can help you improve and design a program with built in KPIs to ensure implememnted solutions are hitting objectives put in place.

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Measurement Consulting

Is your Measurement Program under allocating the amount of product and dollars you are transferring? If you're regularly having disputes with your upstream, midstream, or downstream partners over allocation - an assessment could pay for itself within a month.

Our team has expertise in both liquid and gas measurement which provides the ability to see issues not typically noticeable by less experienced consultations. We focus on all aspects of measurement (processes, systems and communications) thus allowing you a more robust analysis or creation of measurement programs.

Our Phased Approach

  1. Conceptual Planning (CPP)
  2. Standardization Design (SDP)
  3. Standard Implementation (SIP)
  4. Data Analytics (DAP)
  5. Data Management (DMP)
  6. Quality Assessment (QAP)

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Custody Transfer Measurement and Control Systems

As a brand agnostic Master System Integrator, our measurement team can help you design, engineer, procure, fabrication, program every aspect of your measurement program from well-head to delivery point and reporting.

Let us help you in three key areas

  • Mechanical - Ensure your pipes, pumps, valves and other equipment are adequately and effectively sized to optimized measurement.
  • Equipment - Sizing, Function, and Maintenance. Select the right equipment to make your assets easy to use and durable.
  • Automation - Our brand agnostic programming methods for RTUs, Flow Computers, PLCs, and SCADA systems ensure that your existing equipment and future standards can be used with the same look and feel.

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Real-Time Data Collection

Old field running on legacy systems? Convergence can provide system agnostic data collections devices that are easy to install on your existing system to collect high fidelity data. Obtain real-time data through your SCADA or Business Network to monitor your RTUs, Flow Computers, and devices to make real-time decisions and store your data.

Metrology as a Service

Small operators to large pipelines can benefit from a dedicated outside resource providing routine polling and management of your measurement program. We offer hosted services to collect and dashboard your measurement data.

Our engineers and technicians routinely review your alarms, ticketing, dailies, and batches to ensure that your systems are operating optimally. With expert analysis, we can help you validate your measurements using industry stands such as COSTALD, NIST 4/14 and 23-Refprop, Chapter 11/12 TP15/16/27 and others.

Routinely managing your material balances further ensures that your measurement program remains accurate and prevents mis-allocations and can lead to pre-emptive leak detection.

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