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Delivering Accurate, Reliable Measurement Solutions is our Standard

Dedicated to delivering liquid and gas flow measurement services to the global energy industry. Our team understands the importance of measurement in process driven organizations and develops solutions that provide reliable and accurate measurement data throughout the lifecycle of your asset – from wellhead to reporting.

Our team has helped reduce customer loses from 3500BBLS/m on an average 1.4 MMBBLS delivered to 423 BBLS/m on an average of 1.8 MMBBLS delivered leading to a $1.8 million dollar increase in annual revenues.

Ensure that your flow is accurate and volume determinations are not being missed.  Keep your measurement data traceable and auditable to avoid penalties and to simplify management of your systems.

Whether developing a new Measurement Program or re-evaluating your current operations, our team can help you architect and engineer your systems, program your devices and flow computers, and support the full lifecycle of your assets.

Services & Solutions

Learn more about our services and custom solutions to see how we can increase your systems profitability by reducing downtime, and simplifying your automation and measurement program!

Measurement Consulting

Your measurement program could be costing you millions in under allocation. If you're regularly having disputes with your upstream, midstream, or downstream partners over allocation - an assessment could pay for itself within a month.

Our team has expertise in both liquid and gas measurement and understands the nuances that make effective measurement programs from wellhead to reporting.

Our consulting offerings include

  • Greenfield Measurement Program Development, Implementation and Management
  • Brownfield Measurement Program Assessments and Services
  • Loss and Unaccounted for Auditing

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Engineering and Design

As a brand agnostic Master System Integrator, our measurement team can help you design, engineer, procure, fabrication, program every aspect of your measurement program from well-head to delivery point and reporting.

Let us help you in three key areas

  • Mechanical - Ensure your pipes, pumps, valves and other equipment are adequately and effectively sized to optimized measurement.
  • Equipment - Sizing, Function, and Maintenance. Select the right equipment to make your assets easy to use and durable.
  • Automation - Our brand agnostic programming methods for RTUs, Flow Computers, PLCs, and SCADA systems ensure that your existing equipment and future standards can be used with the same look and feel.

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Measurement and Control Panel Design, Fabrication and Programming

Are your flow computer and control panels designed with operations in mind? Our control panel designs consist of system agnostics standards and are highly modular. Regardless of your preferred Flow Computer, PLC, or SCADA brand, our panels come with programs pre-loaded, pre-tested, and well documented to make startup and and commissioning a breeze.

  • Custom enclosure fabrication
  • Computer aided plasma cutouts
  • UL 508A and 698A Listing
  • Custom wire types and colors
  • Insulation, heating and purge available
  • Indicating fuse or supplementary protectors
  • Radios and Communications
  • Power and UPS Systems
Procurement and Implementation

Convergence partners with major OEMs to ensure you can compare multiple brands, forms, and function to ensure you obtain the best equipment and services for your measurement program. We'll help you standardize to simplify equipment management, spares, and repairs. A few of the major brands we can help you with:

  • ABB TotalFlow
  • Allen-Bradley
  • Cameron
  • Emerson FLOBOSS, ROC
  • Daniel
  • Endress + Hauser
  • OMNI
  • Prosoft
  • Spirit IT Flow-X
  • Micromotion
  • Rosemount
Real-Time Data Collection

Old field running on legacy systems? Convergence can provide system agnostic data collections devices that are easy to install on your existing system to collect high fidelity data. Obtain real-time data through your SCADA or Business Network to monitor your RTUs, Flow Computers, and devices to make real-time decisions and store your data.

Metrology as a Service

Small operators to large pipelines can benefit from a dedicated outside resource providing routine polling and management of your measurement program. We offer hosted services to collect and dashboard your measurement data.

Our engineers and technicians routinely review your alarms, ticketing, dailies, and batches to ensure that your systems are operating optimally. With expert analysis, we can help you validate your measurements using industry stands such as COSTALD, NIST 4/14 and 23-Refprop, Chapter 11/12 TP15/16/27 and others.

Routinely managing your material balances further ensures that your measurement program remains accurate and prevents mis-allocations and can lead to pre-emptive leak detection.

LACT Design, Fabrication and Programming

Software, Control Panels, and full mechanical fabrication and commissioning services to optimize your LACT standards to simplify maintenance and operations. Our LACT Stands are fully configurable from the HMI - not laptop necessary.

Find out more here or download our CCE LACT Controls Solution

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