Energy Industry

Oil and Gas

From well pad to refineries, and everything between.


Bio fuels, Syngas, and Renewables

Power Generation

Balance of plant, utilities, and loading

The Energy Sector faces unique challenges across feedstock sources. Ever increasing demand coupled with increased public scrutiny to bi-products and environmental effects are driving energy produces to require:

  • Reduced operating costs to facilitate profitability
  • Increased reliability and uptime of Critical Infrastructure
  • Real-time reporting and regulatory compliance
  • Remote monitoring and operations
  • Aging workforce and reliance on 'tribal knowledge'
  • On-site and Cyber Security threat prevention

Oil and Gas


Well pads and drilling operations face increase scrutiny delaying permitting and production. CCE helps increase time to production by consulting and implementing standards that can reduce your commissioning time from weeks to hours. Standard LACTs, seamless operator and maintenance interfaces across platforms, and integrated SCADA systems allow for faster start-up and simplify long term operations reducing operational costs.

Midstream and Pipeline

Increased competition, and consolidation in the industry requires midstream operators to run more efficiently than ever while taking on more separation processes than ever before. To maintain profitability, operators are needing to guarantee better system uptime through enhanced reliability and increasing automated systems and devices for real time optimization of processes.

As an Owner's Rep, CCE is able to ensure faster time to market by reviewing your facilities control systems, instruments, electrical, and process from FEED to reduce startup and commissioning time. By taking a DCS approach with faceplates and user permissions, Operators are able to manage process upsets without needing a programming knowledge or access.

Downstream and Refining

Create a seamless and Control Experience by integrating PLCs across platforms with your DCS with a common HMI (Human Machine Interface). Obtain real time data for just in time and proactive process control and reporting. Our Data with a Purpose approach ensures you are only receiving and managing data that increases your profitability without compromising scan rates or warehousing useless data.

From SIS (Safety Instrumented Systems) implementation, SIL (Safety Integrity Level) verification, BPCS (Basic Process Control Systems) balance of plant applications and reliability systems, CCE will increase your operations from process control to executive dashboard.

Renewable Energy


From cattle biogas production to syngas from biomass and coal and more. Whether you are designing and implementing a pilot facility with cost effective PLCs (Programming Logic Controller) and operations or large scale DCS (Distributed Control Systems) facilities, you will enhance profitability by reducing operating costs and ensuring uptime.

Wind Farms

Windmills contain a wealth of information and data that can be used to optimize energy production and maintenance. From network architecture to full SCADA development, Convergence can help you optimize your fields locally and across the world.

Power Generation

Balance of Plant (BOP)

Smart integration of auxiliary power, condensers, vacuum pumps, cooling towers with real time monitoring and proactive maintenance ensures your Critical Infrastructure is operating optimally.

Rail Loadout Systems

Train Load-Out (TLO) is the lifeblood to a power generation facility. Batchloading, HMI ( Human Machine Interface) terminals, weighing, and ticketing a key aspects to your loadout system. Reliable data acquisition and management ensures just in time delivery of feedstock when needed and proactive maintenance schedules.

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