Water Wastewater

Water Treatment Plants (WTPs) and WasteWater Treatment Plants (WWTPs) faces ever-increasing challenges from energy management, modernization fo facilities, staffing, and operational efficiency. As such, water treatment facilities are requiring:

  • Greater reliability, scalability and on-line services availability
  • Managing DBPs (Disinfection ByProduct) and PPCP (Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Products)
  • Reduced energy usage and lower Power Utilization Ratings (PUE)
  • Minimized mechanical and electrical equipment footprints
  • High security of the facility and network security

Convergence Controls & Engineering (CCE) partners with Owners, Engineering Firms, Contractors, and OEMs on facilities treating less than 3 million gallons per day (MGD) to large facilities treating more than 20 MGD to ensure a cohesive system is designed and implemented across vendors and partners to increase reliability while reducing operational costs.

 Our systems approach focuses on these underlying principles:

  • Use of “Off-The-Shelf” industrial components with high Mean Time Between Failure rates to reduce total cost of ownership
  • Proven control application solutions for Energy Efficient Unitary control
  • Leverage leading-edge technology with proven applications experience
  • Increased operational data collection / analysis to produce lower PUE
  • Power modeling to assist owners with energy management decisions
  • Provide control systems that assist with LEED Certification of the facility
  • Project Management and engineering processes that shorten schedules

Grid Services

Water treatment facilities face ever-increasing scrutiny over their energy consumption as they utilize between 2-4% of the total electricity used in the United States. By monitoring supply and power quality, facilities can identify inefficiencies in their system while increasing the effective life of their assets.

Operations and Maintenance

Effective integration of VFDs (Variable Frequency Drives) can enhance the energy efficiency of WTPs and WWTPs while providing greater flexibility in start up operations and ongoing maintenance of facilities, increasing system reliability and reducing downtime.

Integrated SCADA (Supervisory Contol and Data Acquisition) creates system-wide monitoring and control across the infrastructure to load balance and optimize efficiencies. Fully integrated systems further benefit from proactive monitoring of consumables, equipment maintenance and energy monitoring.

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