CCE Cybersecurity

Operational Technology Protection for Industrial Control and Building Automation Systems

Companies continue to invest in Information Technology (IT) Cybersecurity to protect corporate data from hackers. Few organizations are aware of the threat to their Operational Technology (OT) systems including their manufacturing systems, production systems and Building Automation Systems (BAS) such as HVAC and Access Control. A ransomware attack may encrypt your business data on the IT level, but a cyber attack on your OT systems can result in chemical release, fire, destruction of equipment, and loss of life.

Real Business Impact

Dramatically Reduced Risk – By properly configuring your control system devices, and implementing security features you will be able to reduce your attack surface and reduce risk.

Secure Remote Access – A well-protected system that enables your operators and managers to access their site remotely to take immediate action on process upsets. Secured data access to manage all nodes of your system from a centralized location to optimize your processes.

Protected Business Level Reporting – Open a defended access point to obtain critical data for accounting and the executive suite faster without compromising on plant level security.


Convergence supports Level 0-3.5 in the perdue model

Operations Focused - IT Approved

Control systems are highly sensitive and require specialized protection to prevent system downtime. Our team of experts include Control System Engineers, System Integrators, and Cybersecurity Specialists to ensure your process and discrete controls are optimized, protected, and prioritized

Convergence 3 Step Cybersecurity Process. 1. Assess. Review your systems and existing policies and find the gaps in your current Cybersecurity plan 2. Plan Develop Policies and procedures to outline your Cybersecurity Program, and develop a Cybersecurity strategy for your organization. 3 Excute Implement policy changes, firmware updates, security appliances, and system hardening as Capital project or on-going Operational improvements. Deliverables Risk assessment, asset inventory, disaster recovery plan, training, on-going support, OT Network Monitoring, Integrated IT /OT Facility Management, Secure remote access, 24/7 Incident Response


Apply industry standards to your control system for the highest level of protection.

  • IEC/ISA 62443
  • NIST SP-800-82/800-53
  • AWIA Compliance

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